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The Charnley Foundation was created to carry on a long-time tradition of family educators, coaches, Ministry, and administrators across Southeast Michigan and now across the United States.


The family has over 500 years of combined service to the catholic community. With time, unfortunately comes loss and some key family members are no longer with us. As a family we wanted to carry on that tradition of supporting the catholic community and what better way than to provide opportunity for young men and young women with a Catholic high school education. 


We believe that everyone deserves an opportunity at a faith centered education and experience the type of community and support that comes from a Catholic High School Community.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide financial support for individuals and families, seeking a Catholic education, in Southeast Michigan through fundraising events and sponsorship.

School Kids

Our Vision

Our vision is to make Catholic education accessible to all people, providing opportunity for our youth to reach their full potential.

Help Us Support the Next Generation of Leaders

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